Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Indian Overseas Bank

Indian Overseas bank is a Public Sector Bank with 3,400 Bank branches all over the country. Indian Overseas Bank is an ISO Certified in house Banking technology department that provides the digital banking needs for all customer. IOB also has foreign bank branches in Singapore, Colombo, Seoul, and Bangkok. It has representative offices in Guangzhou, Vietnam, and Dubai

Awards and Achievement

·         Express Intelligent PSU Award received for implementation of CBS migration to Finacle 10.x project.
·         IOB has migrated from In-house CBS Software "Crown" to Finacle
·          IOB adjudged 1) Skoch Order of Merit for Financial Inclusion and Automated Data Flow/MIS Project
·          IBA Award for the Best use of Data

Services Offered

There are various service offered by the Indian Overseas Bank to facilitate the customer and make their banking experience better. The following are some of the services that is offered by the Indian Overseas Bank-

Credit Facility

A Loan is provided by the IOB at a very nominal interest rates along with low precessing fee which makes it best loan provier.We need money to start a business, buy car, bike or home etc. To accomplish all this needs, Indian Overseas Bank provides a credit facility in both as credit card facility and Loans.

Savings Account

Savings Account is the other name of the Bank as it gives a savings opportunity to us and provides us with the interest on our idle money. Indian Overseas Bank provides one of the best Savings Bank account because it is a public bank therefore, the money is for sure guaranteed by the bank.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking is a service that allows the account holder to use the internet and browser to use the banking service. It is the best banking service as it enables the account holder to use the banking 24X7@365 Days.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking uses the Smartphone to use the banking service instead of the browser which is used by laptop. It is a limited feature banking service but still meets the basic need of banking.

Balance Check Number

Indian Overseas Bank also provides the Indian Overseas Bank Missed Call Number that enables the account holder to give a missed call to the number and receive a text containing the details of the bank account balance.

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